Thoughts Disguised as Poetry, and a Side of Satire

Clown Town Slipping down a flight of stairs, but never hitting the ground; my heels itch and my calves ache the brain shakes as the ground quakes. Praying to a plastic god, shrouded in orange and corn husks and country clubs counter cologne’s musk. Fields of fire in my backyard, but those fields are that…

“The painting has a life of its own. I try to let it come through.”

Where does it all come from, and how can one have it better channeled through them? From my own personal experience as well as clues left behind from the great thinkers and artists from days past, I believe it has to do with the notion of knowing versus thinking. Sounds like a simple enough broad notion, but how can one cut this notion down into more easily understood and obtainable bite size pieces?

Documentary of the Day

Hey folks, I feel like Saturday is a good documentary day when you can find the time for it. Though it was a tough selection to comb through and just pick one for the day, with the RNC and DNC now in the rear view mirror the choice was clear. This week’s pick is going to be Requiem for the American Dream, which is an amazing documentary that delivers all the points to how we may have gotten to the point we’re at today in the world of politics.

The Era of Digital Art

It can no longer be disputed that we have entered the digital age of art, with graphic arts degrees and job creation on the rise and the video game industry ever chasing the infinite polygon structure we have been able to reach new levels, but what’s the sacrifice? Well, initially I found it quite difficult to connect to art on a personal level, as all the pen strokes were evenly spaced to point where you couldn’t differentiate the directions of the artists hand.

“Take me I am the Drug; Take me I am Hallucinogenic”

Post Life, Death and Philip Glass, I felt it necessary to start moving into the other forms of art and begin discussions on where it may take us into the future, and what roads have already been paved in that direction. Where better to begin our conversation than the master of artistic immersion and metaphor, Salvador Dali.

The Ungrateful Deadhead and Company

I felt the need to write about my experience with the Dead and Company Show I went to see last night at the Moda Center in Portland Oregon. Though my initial plan was to originally write about their performance and the experience I had at the show, which overall was an amazing experience, there’s a sort of low-hanging smoke in the air of the experience which really needs to be discussed. The exploitation of the movement for personal gains.

Life, Death and Philip Glass

When we begin talking about music in this day in age, it holds a sort of weight to one’s character or essence, once their tastes have been learned. With new sub-genres coming out almost every week now it seems as though music is ever moving forward towards the horizon. What of the content of this sonic aesthetic that we hold so dearly, when you begin to ask that question you begin to see a completely different answer. It all sort of fades off into the grey, recycled beats and chord structures we’ve been using for millennia now. American folks songs, turned jazz, converted to rock, and then the latter, however, most unfortunate, is chopped up into soundbites and mashed together. Now I’m not going to say that I don’t appreciate the music of say Girl Talk or RJD2, but once one takes a peak at the man behind the curtain it brings to light what I feel is the most important question, where is it taking us? Are we supposed to believe all there is for mankind now is recycled fragments of music? To forever be overshadowed by the creation of MIDI?

The Beginning

“Knowledge is like a garden; if it is not cultivated, it cannot be harvested”

-Swahili Proverb

“Wise words are like seeds. The more you scatter them, the more they will grow into infinite gardens of knowledge.”

-Suzy Kassem