Thoughts Disguised as Poetry, and a Side of Satire

Clown Town Slipping down a flight of stairs, but never hitting the ground; my heels itch and my calves ache the brain shakes as the ground quakes. Praying to a plastic god, shrouded in orange and corn husks and country clubs counter cologne’s musk. Fields of fire in my backyard, but those fields are that…

Documentary of the Day

Hey folks, I feel like Saturday is a good documentary day when you can find the time for it. Though it was a tough selection to comb through and just pick one for the day, with the RNC and DNC now in the rear view mirror the choice was clear. This week’s pick is going to be Requiem for the American Dream, which is an amazing documentary that delivers all the points to how we may have gotten to the point we’re at today in the world of politics.